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Discovering the outdoors is the first step. That’s too obvious to mention, you say? If only that were so. Discovery won’t happen without awareness, or where opportunity is lacking. The Sheboygan Roosted Gobblers promotes both awareness and opportunity in a multitude of creative ways. We convince young people to walk away, for a while, from the electronics and the Internet, where life is experienced third-hand, through layers and filters.



Observing is looking at life first-hand. It’s your senses and mind directly experiencing and interpreting life around you. You identify the blade of grass reaching upwards at your feet; the soaring trees swaying leisurely in the wind; the aurora lights shimmering across the night sky. Observation requires technique and knowledge. You need to know how to look and what to look for. The Roosted Gobblers promotes observational skills, and sponsors educational programs to help you identify and understand what you’re looking at.



Whether you believe it was created by an Almighty Being, or it’s the result of meticulous cause-and-effect evolution over billions of years, you’ll have to admit—it’s pretty cool. It’s impossible to remain indifferent. And the more you observe and understand the outdoors, the deeper, the richer, and the more life-changing the thrill you’ll personally experience will be.



The Sheboygan Roosted Gobblers firmly believes it is proper to use what the outdoors offers us. But that requires education, safety training, and a good dose of common-sense wisdom, all of which we help provide. Some people enjoy hunting wild turkeys or gathering morel mushrooms. Dining on food you have hunted or gathered through your acquired knowledge and skills adds a level of satisfaction and accomplishment that eating store-bought food can’t provide.

06 April

Annual Fundraising Banquet

2021/04/06 00:00 W1945 Co Rd J, Sheboygan, WI 53083
Our annual fundraising banquet will be held Tuesday, April 6th. It is at Sheboygan Town and Country club. Doors open
Our annual fundraising banquet will be held Tuesday, April 6th 2021. It is at Sheboygan Town and Country club. Doors open at five and dinner is at seven.

Besides an incredibly mouth-watering dinner, this limited-attendance event includes raffle prizes and auctions for some incredible items. You can print your banquet letter and application here, now! 

Download Letter Here          Download Application Here



Past raffle prizes and auction items have included:

  • Guns, gun cases and ammunition
  • Grilling equipment
  • Archery equipment
  • Hunting & outdoor apparel and equipment
  • Framed, fine-art prints by Wisconsin’s greatest wildlife artists, like Scott Zoellick, Jerry Gadamus, Don Kloetzke and Russ Meyer

What’s Your Idea?

The Sheboygan Roosted Gobblers is always looking for fresh ideas and new causes to support. Contact us today, and maybe we can make your idea a reality.


Ziaja Machine
Daane Hardware
Fiedler Excavating & Trucking
J&N Construction
Miesfeld’s Triangle Market
Sheboygan Chevrolet
Northwoods / Superior Chemical
The Highlands Sportsman’s Club
NAVIGEN Wealth Management

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    The Sheboygan Roosted Gobblers will be hosting our banquet until Tuesday, April 6th 2021. The Sheboygan Roosted Gobblers fundraising effort is critical to our delivery of conservation and youth outdoor activities, but nothing is more important than the well-being of our committee members and our supporters.

    Your continued support of The Sheboygan Roosted Gobblers is greatly appreciated! Without you we would not be able to assist Sheboygan County with the funding of youth projects and conservation!